werk in progrezz

by phil on Monday Jul 14, 2003 9:27 PM
Sartre, existentialism

once again, good old procipher sarte gets the last laugh.

yip-yip yee.

it's pretty tight actually...

okay, let's look at all the ways I can respond to any problem:

- think of how to respond
    - get confused (jumps to not choose)
    - choose (more thinking)
        - suffer
            - get scared/panic
            - get mad
            - get sad/depressed/cry
            - get uncomfortable and anxious
            - get irritated/annoyed
            - feel bad
            - get nauseous, etc..
        - ignore
            - do something else
            - block out of your mind
        - deal with it
            - bear the pain
            - work around it (accept its presence)
            - factor it in for the future
        - act on it
            - plan
            - move on it (scrawl)
        - fix-it
            - accept it
            - change your behavior to prevent it from happening
            - meditate on the opposite
            - make plan
            - many many many ways
    - or not choose (not thinking) (which means, let environment or circumstances determine what your concrete response will be)
        - respond by instinct
        - respond by intuition
        - respond by letting forces act on you
        - rely on the natural movement
        - rely on routine

As you can see, the nature of man's thought and time implies that as soon as you annoit a problem or situation with your thought, you cannot escape a choice. This is what Sartre meant when he said we are "condemned to be free." But what if you're not aware of this model, then you have less information, but either way, you're making a choice, it's just many of your choices may be active, as you're confused and haven't decided what to do. And being passive, is a sense of choosing, if you're about to think, but are like "fuck it" then after a while, you'll get a sense of what happens next, that events will take care of you, so in a way, you chose to let other events decide your fate... you're just not necessarily aware of that process, but that's how it works. Now, given that you're aware that it works, then like, you'll feel a sense of choice as opposed to those who may not feel a sense of choice, even though they're choosing in any case.

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