10 years from now it won't matter?

by phil on Thursday Aug 14, 2003 7:27 PM
life lessons

In middle shool, I used to tell kids, "dude, stop crying, or forget about this or that, in 10 years, it won't matter at all." Rue that comment! Looking back now, 10 years later, I still remember everything I did or say that was important. Sure I made some silly small infractions that were unimportant, but there were so many other things that I thought weren't a big deal at the time but have set tremendous precedents that changed my character.

I remember one time, in elementary school, I wasn't getting much attention from the "popular kids" so I adapted my behavior to sort of suck up to the crowd and "look cool." and then, after that, that became my M.O. until now, I look back and feel terrible that that's a part of my behavior.

So, remember kids, or remember now anyways, everything you do does have importance. The instant is always an opportunity to set new precedents that will live with you forever.

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