A BBQ and Spaceflight

by phil on Monday Aug 25, 2003 11:06 AM
lucid dreaming

(Progress on my attempts at lucid dreaming (LD). You're reading in reverse order. WILD == Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming. Also, attempting to find creative and more appropriate ways to relate dreams--i.e. stories and narratives aren't exactly fitting, esp. given the large deficit of clarity)

Around 8AM, I had woken up, wrote down the above dream, and then I went back to bed. This time, in addition to affirmations, I flooded my mind with random visual imagery. This was hard beecause I was tired, but it did start to carry itself forward. I was laying flat on my back with some blanket, and I was trying to have a WILD. I lost a little bit of awareness of my space, but I think I fell into the abyss of sleep before I ever met an aware state of transition.

The sun is beating down like a wild horse. I park in a park, and encounter my best friend. He is in the side of the parking lot opposite of me, while as a BBQ is going on to the left of me on my side. Apparently te BBQ is for a political rally, and the main guy is listing off various things in a manner:

"We used $ money for this building" and that building and so fort. Chaz and I are laughing at this guy, "what is this guy" kinda... simply because we feel that way toward politicians in general.

Then there is some talk about space programs and I walk over to the grassy area behind Chaz, and then I get into a spacesip.

For a second, I thought I was Luke Skywalker, or I was in that Star Tours ride in Disneyland. There was some physics concept that upon take-off they have to keep pushing some jets on one side to keep it away from hitting rocks or something, and so you'd be making a parabolic shot out of the atmosphere. I did this, and it was kind of cool, don't remember too much. Eventually I landed. Then I think I was either floating or hung out in the trees, where I saw one of the most beautiful things ever:

Imagine a hummingbird-butterfly combination with wings and a body that form the shape of a Spade in a deck of cards. The colors were the shimmering emerald green border and crystaline azure that you find in the eyes of peacocks' feathers. A swarm of about 35 of these characters snaked together like a magic carpet. The sight of these cascading around the trees from which I was perched filled me with butterflies of the stomach, and pleasure.

Somehow, these wondorous, docile creatures became associated with the dull and irritating windows icon. This is the icon of the flag-like red-green-blue-yellow window that may start cascacading across your screen in various screen savers.

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