B-Level Resurrection

by phil on Wednesday Aug 20, 2003 5:55 PM

Dude, why am I so popular?

ACTING CHOPS? Kutcher is no Sir Laurence Olivier. Heck, he's barely Joey Lawrence. Yeah, "Dude, Where's My Car?" made good dough, but can he put butts in seats without Seann William Scott pulling in the Stifler contingent? America will soon find out. Kutcher's making another attempt to achieve leading-man status with the release of "My Boss's Daughter."

Good luck, Kutch. The road to fame is littered with good-looking, young sitcom stars who've never -- if rarely -- found big-screen success. John Stamos. Anson Williams. Mario Lopez. Jason Bateman. Kirk Cameron. The names read like a "Nick at Night" retrospective. Can Kutcher beat the odds and parlay his small-screen success into big-screen box office?

Ashton Kutcer
John Stamos
Anson Williams
Mario Lopez
Kirk Cameron (christ)
Jason Bateman

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