Beige Parking, Hillside Construction

by phil on Monday Aug 25, 2003 11:05 AM
lucid dreaming

(Progress on my attempts at lucid dreaming (LD). You're reading in reverse order. WILD == Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming. Also, attempting to find creative and more appropriate ways to relate dreams--i.e. stories and narratives aren't exactly fitting, esp. given the large deficit of clarity)

I started trying to sleep at 3AM. To induce a LD, I repeated affirmations such as, "I will wake up in my dreeam."

I'm driving toward five half-way constructed housing projects. The houses are cookie-cutter 2-storied buildings staggered upon a hill like the hills on the side of I-15 in Mira Mesa. From afar, I can see the lattice-like wood beams already ready, waiting for the roofs to be installed. My mom and two construction workers are at the foot of a building site. They're actually underneath the shade of possibly an empty parking garage or other construction project. They're making fun of me, and I'm unsure why. I had come back with a long piece of wood for the building, and I take it withm y right hand, and toss it onto the dirt ground so as to give it to them.

They continue laughing. I look at the wood and the white paint has chipped off from it. I ask them why, and they make some hand-waving explanation about teen-agers and their hands being a certain way that makes it easy for paint to chip off.

I take the car that I was in away from the construction zone. The place was overcast. I end up toward a parking structure on a steep curve, similar to a part of Grand Teft Auto III with a hill, and some streets on the side. I take a left turn and give the car to a valet..

Somewere I brought cookies to my mom.

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