by phil on Sunday Aug 3, 2003 8:03 PM

I asked Howard Dean about blogging and the White house, this is what he haid to say:

Finally, one of you asked if there would be a White House blog. Why not? Thanks again, Howard Dean".

Dean's a cool guy--I knew him when I was building websites. After he checked out Philosophistry, he asked me if I could help setup his own blog. So I pointed him over to my friend Lawrence Lessig at Stanford, and they ended up working out an arrangement where Dean would cover Lessig's blog while Lessig was hanging out in San Diego with my parents (I had homework so I stayed in Palo Alto--also to make sure Dean wasn't misusing his blog).

Alter clued me into this piece he wrote at Newsweek regarding Dean.

Personally, I'm an Edwards fan, but that's only because Microsoft decided to buy a controlling stake in the articles that I post on Philosophistry. On Microsoft's blog, they normally pump Edwards regarding his passion. I've read some of the stuff he said, and it's pretty cool as well.

However, this Dean guy's been making big headway and it's been hard for me to give Edwards equal spotlight. Anyways, unfortunately, I'm afraid Dean is going to end up a McLoser like McCain and McGovern... i.e. be a darling to the brain-crust but miss out on the NASCAR dads and Soccer moms.

Oh well, we'll throw a party for Dean in San Diego when it's all over. Take care.

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