Few Words on the Design

by phil on Sunday Aug 10, 2003 12:53 PM

1) People who just want to start from Philosophistry and bounce to the good stuff in the BlogRoll can do that easily now as the linklist loads up as soon as the blogroll's text has been downloaded--as opposed to waiting for other junk to appear beforehand
2) Posts have been unhinged from being part of one big table--this is to allow the text to load up piecemeal, so once again, you don't have to wait for the whole site to load before getting to the good stuff
3) Posts still have a tableized margin though, because it's easier to read text that doesn't touch from edge to edge
4) Justified text just looks nicer
5) Kept font sizes big, but not too big as to be gaudy
6) Ugly linkbox with links to my archives and older designs has been reformatted to fit in better and be more slick
7) Used 1.5 spacing on posts, once again for readability
8) I apologize for the Trepia Flash IM being lame... this will be corrected eventually.
9) Re-proritized the blogroll to be more user-friendly, here is the order: Power-Cycle, Must-Read, Read-Worthy, Phat-Sites, References, Art, Humor, Plugs, and Easily-Lost-Bookmarks

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