by phil on Monday Aug 25, 2003 7:11 PM
Voodoo Schmoodoo

What is Goa?

Now let's jump to the sixties and remind ourselves of a place called Goa in India. During the late sixties Goa has turned into a beach for freaks, rock stars, travelers, and various other excitement hunters, who lived by the ancient mantra of "sex, drugs and rock and roll". Although the fab of Goa has dropped by the late 80's, a hard-core group of Europeans and Americans have remained in that place. By the early 90's, people in Goa have found out the wonderful effect of the Acid music on a stoned head and started to further develop the style. The first people to do so were Goa Gil (It's really THE Goa-guru and a completely insane hippie from San Francisco) and his friends, who were living in Goa and experimenting with various musical styles to dance to since the late 60's (They made a LP with their post-industrial band Kode IV on Belgium's KK label).

Hear some Goa-Trance

Map of Goa

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