How to Blog your IE History

by phil on Friday Aug 29, 2003 2:16 AM
IE History, blogging

Instructions on a crude way to take your IE History and convert it into HTML.

- Create a folder where you want to put all your windows URL shortcuts and put it on one side of the screen
- Open IE and your history folder and put it on another side of the screen
- Click and drag entries from your history into the folder where you keep all of the links you want to convert into HTML
- Once you're done, execute this perl script below from that directory
- Open "spit.txt" to see all of your short-cuts as HTML


$dir = ".";

opendir(DIR, $dir);
@files = readdir(DIR);

open FILE, ">spit.txt";

foreach $file (@files) {
	if (-f $file && $file =~ /\.URL$/) {
		open URL, $file;
		while (<URL>) {
			if (/^URL=/) {
				$_ =~ s/^URL=//;
				$file =~ s/\.URL$//;
				print FILE "<A HREF=\"$_\">$file\n";
				close URL;

A friend of mine is working on an app to expedite this process. I'll keep ya posted.


Vecna said on March 12, 2004 2:15 AM:

Not exactly what I was looking for but this is the idea :)

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