Interspecies Global Mind

by phil on Thursday Aug 7, 2003 5:07 PM
global mind

Interspecies Global Mind: "The honey badger uses the black throated honey guide as its surveillance craft. The bird cruises the forest hunting a bee hive, then, chattering and darting, leads the badger to its find. The clawed beast tears apart the tough walls of the hive, and both honey guide and badger share in a wax-comb-and-honey repast1 .When black-capped chickadees spot danger and shriek their mobbing call, ten other bird species recognize the signal and prepare to flee or to defend their all2 .Off the shores of Costa Rica, tuna and dolphins hunt together, meshing information to increase the harvest of their prey. Seabirds watch their movements carefully and follow in their wake, waiting for them to churn a school of fish to the surface so they, too, can partake. Fishermen scrutinize the movements of the seabirds and from them learn where the meaty tuna and the dolphin churn"

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