Made the observation today that

by phil on Monday Aug 4, 2003 10:45 PM

Made the observation today that hot girls who are in great relationship have got to be the damn most confident beings on the entire planet. That and a man that just got some from a model. Or this guy [adrien brody] who chaz and I named a principle after him, "Brody's Principle" which is "Everybody gets duped." This was in response to our excessive enamor at the way he handled winning the Academy Awards:
1) He was the underdog
2) He had lost every other best actor award
3) He made out with Halle Berry right on the spot
4) Halle Barry's married.
5) He stopped the band from cutting him off
6) He said some touching things
7) His was the most passionate acceptance speech

As a result, he deserved a "Principle" named after him. Dupe!

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