Mondo 2000 vs. Wired

by phil on Saturday Aug 16, 2003 1:58 AM

Mondo 2000 vs. Wired: "We were surprised by the positive response to the early issues of Wired. While their design veered even further than Mondo's toward the RayGun slice-and-splatter aesthetic, the editorial voice was staid and serious, their intentions overtly journalistic. We imagined that we were appreciated for being quite the opposite. Operating without competition, Mondo 2000 had been able to define a style for the emerging 'cyber'culture that was quirky, irreverent, intentionally ridiculous, surreal, anarchic, ironic, arch but not minimalist, generous, goofy and science factional rather than traditionally journalistic (operating somewhere at the interstices of information and invention). We viewed our publication as an art form, in an almost classical sense of auteurship. "

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