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by phil on Monday Aug 25, 2003 9:09 PM
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Blackout Questions
8/17/2003 - New York City

another blackout related journal entry...
some questions that we were pondering during the blackout:
1-how many people were getting root canals done when the blackout happened?
2-how many people were cheating on their partners when the blackout happened and will now be faithful for life?
3-how many people took psychedelic drugs 40 minutes before the blackout happened and thus felt that they caused it or were involved somehow?
4-how many people had visited nyc on september 11th, 2001 and were also visiting for the blackout? do they feel responsible, somehow?
5-how many instantaneous/synchronous events happened as the power failed, like: deaths, little league home-runs, broken windows, spilled milk, etc.
it's safe to say that everyone who experienced a synchronous event will attach some degree of significance to their event and the blackout.

Unfortunately, not all his posts are enlightening, this is rather depressing-annoying

Yuppified Journal Entry
8/20/2003 - New York City

now that i've stopped touring for a while i think that you'll be able to expect increasingly domestic and yuppified journal entries from me.
like this one.
i was upstate for a few days, and it was great.
monday morning in particular. i woke up very early (6 a.m) and watched the sun come up, and as it came up it illuminated the fog that had collected in the valleys, so the fog in the valleys was pink and the tops of the mountains were bathed in this reddish light.
it was amazing.
and now i'm being a fully fledged, dyed-in-the-wool, bron-y-aur, yuppie. ('bron-y-aur', i'm sure it means something in welsh, but i just know it as a hyphenated led zeppelin song).
i'm being a yuppie cos i'm on my roof and it's dusk and really breezy and i'm sitting up here with my laptop and it's great and i know i'm a stinky yuppie with a penchant for run-on sentences.
and hyphens.
i'll stop.

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