Simple v. Complex Lives

by phil on Wednesday Aug 20, 2003 10:18 AM
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What's the Ultimate Life?

Well, let's throw in the "basics:"
+ Learning
- Understanding what it means to be "human"
- Gaining a breadth of understanding about a multitude of topics in the world
- Gaining depth in a specific area
- Having an acute self-awareness
+ Having Fun
- Going to the beach
- Meeting girls
- Socializing
+ Productivity
- Making progress everyday

Then, why not we throw in some other things like..
+ Bringin in results
+ Being socially celebrated
+ Fame
+ Philantthropy
+ Maximizing the number of lives touched
+ Being presentable
+ Beating Others
+ Making Money
+ Loving Nature
+ Obtaining Spiritual highs
+ Exploring psychotropic substances

Like, there's just soo much crap to do, when did our needs become extended beyond the most basic, such as caring for loved ones, maintaining our independence, and doing things we enjoy? When did it become this gonglomerate chimera of crap. I mean, does anybody out there do ALL of the above?

Blah, maybe it's just me and my over-laden ambition. Like really, I want a simple life.

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