Socrates Story

by phil on Saturday Aug 9, 2003 8:35 PM
philosophy2, wisdom-seeking

Socrates went up to a man and asked him, "where can I get some fish?"
The man answered, "go up down the road, there's a man that sells it."
"Thanks" said Socrates.

Socrates then asked another question, "where can I find wisdom?"
The man had no answer.

And so began "philosophy"... philo (love) + sophos (wisdom).. but even today, after 3000ish years, wisdom is still hard to find.

I asked God (Google), on wisdom, and 80% of it is junk, i.e. ppl peddling "spirituality" books, Christian gospel, orcommercial venues that have banked on their pagerank on the keyword wisdom.

Anyways, a common thread in general wisdom-arcana is this notion of taming or reducing one's desires. This seems to be common of the Eastern philosophies. This may be sound advice in that a lot of problems we create for ourselves by desperation which is the result of over-desire.

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