The Blog Politic v. Congress

by phil on Monday Aug 25, 2003 4:24 PM
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Read This Column by big shot PC Magazine writer John C. Dvorak.

But where is the leverage? In the past I've complained about the inability of net-heads to make any real impact on politics. The Computer Decency Act, for example, waltzed through Congress without a hitch despite the online grumblings all over the place. The blog community may be different. It's more politicized than any other online movement, with Democrats, Republicans, and mostly Libertarian variants each yakking loudly and getting re-quoted everywhere. The real influence is still an unknown. It's possible that this newer form of carping will be just as ineffective.

Realistically, the idiotic Conyers-Berman bill is not going to happen anyway. But you can sense that something really dumb is going to get close to passing and the bloggers will have their shot at proving that the Net can make a difference.

Yeah, yeah! Totally! Let's make a difference!

One way is that just by the large dissemination of ideas and truth, people will then naturally spread that to the offline crowd, hopefully convincing them. However, politicians have been very disconnected with the concerns of the people and instead focus on big business... which is odd because WE vote for them, not the businesses. I think an informed public is the key to sound government

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