by phil on Sunday Aug 3, 2003 2:52 PM

THE KOBE TIMES - Official Kate Faber Kobe Bryant Trial Website. Kobe Times? Is Vanessa mad? Questions answered. MetroSpy is at it again.: "EAGLE -- According to Colorado Radio personality Jann Scott, 'Police have pictures of the victim that show her thighs, lower stomach area, and genital area black and blue.'
Scott's police sources say, 'Her legs, knees and back are also black and blue. He hurt her. He beat her up. She finally escaped in the early morning.'
In his daily journal, Scott writes, 'When (police) saw her and interviewed her, there was no doubt, no question about what happened. This is a bad guy, like Mike Tyson.'
'That’s why we went right over there and arrested him. The evidence spoke for itself. When these pictures come out in court, that'll be it,' writes Scott."

-- I know this is not philosophistry, but this is interesting, nonetheless

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