The Loner's Manifesto

by phil on Saturday Aug 23, 2003 9:21 PM
loners | One is (not) the loneliest number

We do not require company. The opposite: in varying degrees, it bores us, drains us, makes our eyes glaze over. Overcomes us like a steamroller. Of course the rest of the world doesn't understand.

Someone says to you, "Let's have lunch." You clench. Your sinews leap within you, angling for escape. What others thrive on, what they take for granted, the contact and confraternity and sharing that gives them strength leaves us empty. After what others would call a fun day out together, we feel as if we have been at the Red Cross, donating blood.

Excerpts from a book that speaks positively from the loner's point-of-view, includes examples like Da Vinci, and a lot of feel-good stuff for all the aloners out there.

The excerpt wasn't particularily titilating to me. However, I think it helps hermits "come out of the closet" and justify a loner's kind of lifestyle.

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