The Tautrix Reviewed

by phil on Tuesday Aug 12, 2003 4:32 PM
Tautrix, secular religion

FBEOH includes a review of the Tautrix. For the uninitiated, the Tautrix is a fictitious polytheistic system that I invented for the purposes of mapping deities to my scientific beliefs, such as the Church-Turing Thesis, or the Central Limit Theorem. It provides me a proxy through which I can get the same perks as a religious-person without the aftertaste of participating in something inauthentic.

Note, a common criticism of the Tautrix is that it lacks morality or family values. Indeed it is an individualist's religion. However, I'm still not settled on the idea that one can make a philosophically sound morality. In practice, I believe in morality for sure, but I'm not convinced that there is a good enough moral system that can be set into stone. Every system I've seen has always had holes in it in one way or the other that make it inconsistent or inauthentic. Plus, I'm no expert on morality, or ethics, or even understand the difference between the two, so I wouldn't be an expert on that.

I encourage others to make up their own Tautrix that they believe in, come up with different names and different underlying principles, like Panexperientalism, and possibly include ethics that they believe in. It would be nice to see a Principher Kantas to represent Kantian Ethics.

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