Tuesday's IE History

by phil on Wednesday Aug 27, 2003 6:26 PM
IE History, blogging

Here is yesterday's IE History folder HTML'ified

I'm exploring how a raw post of someone's history can be a form of self-expression

Wired 8.05 Terence McKenna's Last Trip
$10-Domains - Domain registration at $10. No hidden fees. Domains @ $10
WTF Comics
A Visual Database of Extremist Symbols, Logos and Tattoos
Anchorage Daily News Tested love
A Fire Inside
Welcome to AJC!
ajc.com News Crime rate at 30-year low, survey finds
Google Answers lottery winners
MP3.com G DUB
AskMen.com - Flirting
AskMen.com - LeBron James
AskMen.com - Lebron James picture
The Adrenaline Vault Downloads
Bachelorette .com - Bachelorette Party Experts
Gummy Peters
The Bachelorette Tiara
Penis Piñata - The Most Popular One.
Pin the Macho on the Man
Jello Shot Molds
BAD RELIGION the official web site
Welcome to the Mercury News on Bayarea.com
Better Whois The WHOIS domain search that works with all registrars.
dooby's Home Page...
Blog for America
Blogjam presents Neil Armstrong - The Truth
Boohbah Zone
Boston.com - News - Local - Mass. - The students Nine months you'll never forget
Broken Newz - Cruz Bustamante
Broken Newz - Arnold Scharzenegger
Broken Newz - California Governor Candidate Deck of Cards
CafePress.com Design, print and sell custom products for FREE
Eric S. Raymond's Home Page
Eric Conspiracy Secret Laboratories
CNN.com - Fact sheet Bush's 'axis of evil' - January 30, 2002
CNN.com - McClintock 'In the race to the finish line' - Aug. 26, 2003
Creative Think
Commandments fray goes beyond Alabama csmonitor.com
CSP - 'The Psychedelic Experience' by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert
Cyberpump! - The Home of HIT
Unreasonable resolutions cause stress, unhappiness
datapimp email and hosting services
Dean for America Home
Aphorisms Against Work
Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone
The Eight Circuits of Consciousness
A Tryptamine Expedition
The grid of Circuits I and II creates four quadrants
Google Directory - Arts Music Styles Rock Punk Bands and Artists A A.F.I.
Magic Shadow
Welcome to Dropkick Murphys Official Website
cracked paint
particle wave
2d exper digital
murals main page
Welcome to Engrish.com!
Special Hair Stylist
White Services
Cleaned Out
The Vaults of Erowid
Erowid LSD (Acid) Vault
Erowid LSD Vault Bits & Pieces
Erowid LSD Vault FAQ
Erowid Library Book 'Psychedelic Experience'
Erowid Psychoactive Vaults
Erowid LSD Vault Flashbacks
Erowid Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Vault (Convolvulaceae Argyreia nervosa, Wooly Morning Glory)
Drew Curtis' FARK.com
Orisinal Morning Sunshine
Orisinal.com - Pocketful Of Stars
FARK.com Comments Thingee (630147)
FARK.com Comments Thingee (625199)
FuckedCompany.com - Official lubricant of the new economy
Full Court Press The Women's Basketball Journal
A Clockwork Orange-Script
Welcome to GoErie.com
Google Search circuits sitedeoxy.org
Google Search lsd
Google Search acid
Google Search acid erowid
Google Search annullment stanford
Google Search bad religion
Google Search dooby
Google Search high intensity training FAQ
Google Search lottery unhappiness
Google Search manifesto
Google Search peyote erowid
Google Search punk rock
Google Search SHARPs skinheads
Google Search SS
Google Search SS nazis
Google Search SS nazis lightning bolts
Google Search SS nazzism
Google Search storm front
Google Search white pride
Google Search wtf
Google Search adrienne samen
Google Search AFI
Google Search baked
Google Search contrivable
Google Search CPAN
Google Search doby
Google Search dodgers
Google Search droog russian
Google Search drugs set setting
Google Search erowid drug
Google Search fuck this
Google Search full court press
Google Search g dub
Google Search genteel
Google Search gunn
Google Search high intensity training
Google Search howard dean
Google Search html
Google Search kiss
Google Search krispy karnov
Google Search lebron james
Google Search lottery unhappy
Google Search love me now
Google Search mandala
Google Search manifest
Google Search mark consuelos
Google Search mature content
Google Search mother fucker
Google Search nofx
Google Search peyote
Google Search ricky martin
Google Search SHARPs
Google Search tryptamine
Google Search whip talk for me
Google Search wipro
Google Search women for aryan unity
Welcome to California
The Devil in New England
Welcome to the Gunn Webpage
Basic Russian
Transcript ( Neo & Architect Talk)
University of Manitoba Personal Home Page Web Server
HOT or NOT - www.hotornot.com
Wired Magazine Issue 11.09
Encylopedia of the new Economy
I-Mockery.com Hacked Rom Reviews Dick Dug and Babymaker!
Kansascity.com - Your Kansas City Everything Guide
Click Here
K n a k e z o o i . c o m
SHIT Special High Intensity Training
SysRq The Process-nuke LG #81
Los Angeles Dodgers The Official Site
WTF Is It Now
Matrix Essays
HOT or NOT - Meet Me
Protect Your PC
Learn About Antivirus Software
Microsoft Corporation
Morrison and Foerster LLP
Welcome to MSN.com
Shuttle report blames NASA culture
Mars makes history in the night sky
Bush promises ‘no retreat’ on terror
MTV.com - News -Jacko Goes Willy Wonka, Invites Outsiders To Tour Neverland
MTV.com - News -Did Porn, Sony Or McDonald's Sink Jackson Charity Single
NBA Draft.net -- LeBron James profile
Don't Win The Lottery
Google News
NOFX -- officialwebsite
No on Recall--Yes on Bustamante
norcal-raves.org - calendar
Two Tons of Morality
The LeBron James Online Shrine
Marijuana Seeds, Marijuana Growing FAQ & Pictures @ Overgrow
American Society of Paid Thinkers
How to Make Our Ideas Clear
Plastic Recycling The Web In Real Time
Plastic When Monsters Kill Monsters Have We Become Monsters
Plastic SciTech
Procrastination.org STILL Too lazy for a catch phrase...
Qween B
Red vs Blue
Richard Meier & Partners, Architects
Memorial Square
Grotta House
Santa Barbara House
Shamberg House
Wijnhaven Kwartier Urban Developmental and Programmed Study
Ricky Martin
The Anti-Outlook Page
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
Slashdot Poll
Campaign 2004 Field Guide
The Best of Howard Dean - The bravest thing he ever did. By William Saletan and Ben Jacobs
Madonna Falls Into the Gap - Her new ad's a dud, but Devo cleans up the mess. By Rob Walker
The Best of George W. Bush - The bravest thing he ever did. By William Saletan and Ben Jacobs
Cruz Bustamante - The Democrats' backup plan. By Chris Suellentrop
Thirteen Going on 40 - A harrowing, moralizing portrait of adolescence. By Marshall Heyman
The Road to Nowhere - Is the U.S. auto industry doomed By Daniel Gross
Taped at the BBC - Can the Beeb put its entire archive on the Web By Paul Boutin
Interpretation of Dream - ABC remembers Martin Luther King Jr.'s great speech. By Virginia Heffernan
MSN Slate Magazine
The AMC Pages About the Actors Mark Consuelos
The Advocate - Marital bliss ends at reception
Yahoo! News - Phone Book Cover Features Heroin Flower
Jul2000 The Lottery
Adrienne Samen
Sun-Sentinel Strange But True
TechTV new things. turn us on.
TechTV Unscrewed
TechTV Realdoll Surgeon Slade Fiero, Search Sperts, Fancy Fetish
The Indian Programmer A magazine for Indian IT professionals
The Indian Programmer Burning Issues Germany Revisited
The Onion America's Finest News Source™
The Onion The California Recall Candidates A Focus On The 87 Front-Runners
totse.com A text file on Special High Intensity Training
Why War Features
Welcome to Wipro - IT (Information Technology) Services Product Design Services
Wired News You Gotta Hand It to Porn Coders
Wired Magazine
WorldNetDaily 22 things about the Bible that drives the left crazy
Welcome to World Taekwondo Federation
What The Fuck ! v2.0 ... NOT for Netscape
X - the band
X - the band - Exene

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