Wednesday's IE History

by phil on Thursday Aug 28, 2003 12:42 AM
IE History

Continuing with my experiment... I'm posting select histories of my previous day's net surfing as a form of self-expression and info dissemination...n'joy! Hopefully you can get a feel of the kind of stuff I go through and what piques my interests...

Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page
All Consuming Futuristic Book Club Erik Benson
All Consuming Book Info Quicksilver Volume One of The Baroque Cycle
All Consuming Book Info The Diamond Age (Bantam Spectra Book)
All Consuming Books The Diamond Age (Bantam Spectra Book) Books Deepest Thoughts So Deep They Squeak Books Quicksilver Volume One of The Baroque Cycle Books Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation! Books Pattern Recognition Books Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
Welcome to!
Google Answers
Healdsburg apartments for rent - Healdsburg apartments - Healdsburg apartment listings - Healdsburg condos for rent - Healdsburg townhouses for rent
Still Lives
BeBits - winnuke
Welcome to Be Incorporated!
Beliefnet religions, spirituality, prayer, God, angels, politics, meditation...
Welcome to B-Girl
Browser History Windows Internet Explorer
blosxom the zen of blogging
Boost America! Homepage
Carolynn Stanford - A Traveler on Hosteling - BootsnAll's One-stop Hostels Travel Guide
Stanford Rejects!
Stanford Sucks Poetry Board
BroaderMinds Welcome to BroaderMinds!
BroaderMinds Stanford University
Carlos Castaneda's Magical Passes
The infinite complexity of our immediate environment
The Eight Circuits of Consciousness
Welcome to!
Erowid DMT Vault
Erowid Mescaline Vault
Erowid Character Vaults Timothy Leary
Erowid Cacti Vault (Trichocereus pachanoi and T. peruvianus)
Erowid Psilocybin Mushroom Vault María Sabina Saint Mother of the Sacred Mushrooms
Erowid Peyote Vault
Erowid Psychoactive Vaults
Ethnogarden Botanicals - Seeds - Dried Herbs
PHP IE toolbar and ie history
The Seventh Seal (1956) -
fx roads e-commerce consultants
John $tanford, In¢. Central
Stanfurd Sucks
 tD° {  89_PmpFx. Mustangu e ± 2003 } ™ 
go2 The #1 Yellow Pages on your mobile phone
Google Search boost
Google Search courtesan
Google Search cpan ie history
Google Search deepest thoughts handley
Google Search dhingra
Google Search fuck
Google Search all
Google Search the
Google Search a
Google Search if
Google Search internet
Google Search internet exlorer history perl
Google Search internet explorer history perl
Google Search internet exlorerhistory perl
Google Search internet explorer history perl viewer
Google Search is
Google Search it
Google Search mozilla import ie history
Google Search roflmao
Google Search stopping out stanford
Google Search where
Google Search who
Google Search windows history folder extractor
Google Search google
Google Search ^-^
Google Search ayahuasca
Google Search arnold
Google Search allah
Google Search acid
Google Search boostit
Google Search bye
Google Search christian
Google Search christianity
Google Search institution
Google Search john shapiro stanford
Google Search mandala
Google Search neuromics
Google Search ownage
Google Search sheeyat
Google Search terrence mckenna
Google Weblog
Exploring the Mandala
US Army Combat Arms Unit Histories
HGH Experiment Human Growth Hormone & Fibromyalgia
High Times Home
HOT or NOT -
PEOPLE, January 2002; Internet Prospector
I QUIT!!!!
The Official Website of NBA Sensation, Lebron James -
Mathematics of the TimeWave
Omega Man A Profile of Terence McKenna (Richard Gehr)
accessing IE history with python...
(mt) Media Temple - Web Hosting Services
Mt. Molelog Computers-Internet-Web-Blosxom-Plugins-Textile
tima thinking outloud. While I Was Out.
Dan Rather Tops Dishonor Awards
Schwarzenegger Is Pressed for His Views on Social Issues
New Zealand News - World - Anthrax expert sues Ashcroft, FBI
Stanford Sucks!
Yet another reason Why Stanfurd Sucks.
Academics at Stanford
philipd's mindsay Documenting Dan Rather and CBS News Issues The Economy About
what's in rebecca's pocket fair and balanced
Canal+ Headquarters
173-176 Perry Street
Microsoft Crash Gallery (page 2) WxActiveXIE - ActiveX interface for Internet Explorer. (Win32) Win32Internet - Access to WININET.DLL functions
Singularity Watch (Understanding Accelerating Change)
SISNA® - Your Internet Service Provider! (ISP)
The Biological Basis of Morality - 98.04
The Perpetual
a most luminous domain!
love songs
metalwork, paintings, and other projects

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