What Google Should Do

by phil on Friday Aug 22, 2003 1:13 AM

Seth Godin with the help of my friend Ramit has put together an interesting and thick eBook to answer the question, "What should Google Do"

These are the most interesting suggestions submitted in the book that I've found:

If I ran Google, one thing I would do is create some incredibly awful search
engines under another name so people would still be thrilled with the simplicity and focus Google offers.
(Page 53)


I’ll just make it simple. For every search you do, 1 cent goes to an investment fund for long term poverty eradication and empowerment. Like the fund that we are in the loop to build up. There is in global interest of having poverty eradicated. My mind is all too set on it to think of anything more than above :). (page 69)

Leave it pretty much as it is. Why try to improve on perfection? (page 76)

Many of the other suggestions were along the lines of re-incorporating things that already exist and are lukewarm, such as dating and paid news-aggregation. A lot of talk was made about "personalized" searches... I have a bad intuition about this. And others were trying to find fancy ways of mixing Blogging with Googling...

Also, this eBook compilation concept is fantastic. Why don't more ppl do it? I also like the landscape PDF format, heck a lot of the PDFs out there are browsed, not printed and read offline... this one I found easy to just click page-down-page up on...

UPDATE: continuing on the ..., even if landscape PDFs are printed, what's wrong with people reading stuff landscape style offline?

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