Why Google bought Blogger

by phil on Monday Aug 4, 2003 11:34 PM

I think I figured out why Google bought Blogger. Because of this... Google AdSense. Basically all those text ads that you see on websites, now smaller-scale websites can start peddling click-through ads on their site and recieve small disbursments. These guys over at the Google Weblog get ~$1,000/mo. from it.

So what's the big scheme? Well, think of it this way. Google first makes money off click-throughs from regular searches. But now, since Bloggers have become significantly responsible for what bubbles up in PageRank, Google will be able to make $ from a second round of click-throughs from people visiting the blogs at the top of their searches.

Plus, finally Google comes to the rescue with offering a way to allow bloggers to make money blogging, which provide tremendous incentive for bloggers to quit their day job (which is usually unemployment) and become serious information bombs, thus revitalizing the net, thus improving the quality of the searches on Google. And then, bloggers will leave their lame radioluserland and moveabletype setups and join the Blogger group, helping increasing $ for pro-blogger users, and also increasing adsense revenue for Google.

It's so good it's beautiful.

As a side note, BloggerPRO seems to lag behind other tools out there, and their setup is flaky at times. Google's search quality has also been lagging recently. But hey, I'm looking forward to blogging and $ to go together... then I can get Really serious about this stuff.

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