191 Links from Yesterday (IE History)

by phil on Sunday Sep 14, 2003 9:02 PM
IE History

Here is a grip of sites that I cruised around for. I think this is the most sites I visited in a day, not sure.

Lycos 50 with Aaron Schatz
Matrioshka Brains
agendacide.com minutes from somewhere else
All Searches - What are people searching for online
Amarillo Globe-News Local News Randall indicts Amarillo Slim 08-09-03
Amazon.com Books The Light of Other Days
AMI BIOS or NOT - www.amibiosornot.com
www.AndrewSullivan.com - Daily Dish
Memetics A Systems Metabiology
The University of Arizona
Photo Album, Campus Tours of The University of Arizona
Shaw, Bernard. 1916. Pygmalion
Beliefnet religions, spirituality, prayer, God, angels, politics, meditation...
Can a Christian Have a Demon Deliverance and exorcism for born-again believers devil demonic possession -- Beliefnet.com
beliefnet poll survey
Tattoo Your Blog only on BlogChalking.com
Rayne Today
blosxom the zen of blogging
Boing Boing A Directory of Wonderful Things
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
CafePress.com Design, print and sell custom products for FREE
HOT or NOT Gift Shop Powered by CafePress.com
Chris Pirillo ~ Getting Screwed While Everybody Else is Getting Laid
Darwinian Poetry Home
I Criticize Israel Because I Am Jewish
craigslist san francisco bay area online community
craigslist et cetera jobs in san francisco bay area
Creative Commons
Learn More Creative Commons
Crystal Dawn
Stanford Center for Internet and Society
future of ideas
future of ideas excerpts
deviantART where ART meets application!
deviantART xace devID by ~xace
deviantART Shake Well by ~eclecticguitar
EducETH Shaw, George Bernard
A Resource for Depression and Anxiety
A young Mennonite
deviantART enimsaj
E! Online News - Bennifer Fights Back
Fairvue Central
Feedster Search Chris Pirillo
firefly version decoy
the friday five
deviantART fuzzybearears
Greed, Desire, and the Quest for the Holy Grail-bp
GeoURL ICBM Address Server
deviantART godofdarkness
Google Advertising
Language Tools
Google Press Center Zeitgeist
Google Search bernard shaw
Google Search equipoise
Google Search geourl icon
Google Search hip-hop dictionary
Google Search lycos voyeur
Google Search palo alto bloggers
Google Search search engine voyeur lycos
Google Search see what people are searching for
Google Search utp hip-hop
Google Search utp hip-hop dictionary
Google Search ésotérisme
Google Search adsense.google.com
Google Search amarillo slim
Google Search heated mouse pad
Google Search med immune
Google Search rap dictionary
Google Search search engine voyeur
Google Search arizona university
Google Search bay area bloggers
Google Search bennifer
Google Search bernard shaw writing
Google Search blog reviews
Google Search dimorphism
Google Search equipose
Google Search geo url icon
Google Search geourl
Google Search google
Google Search kofzer
Google Search lassitude
Google Search logical fallacies
Google Search memetics
Google Search number of pairs in dna
Google Search philosophy blog
Google Search strange-loop
Google Search utp
Google Search xnview
Google Weblog
Google Dance Tool
god pics Greek Mythology
Google Testing Related Search Feature Snap Shot
Compy 386!!
Jersey Girl (2004)
Iron Monkey
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
Introduction to Judaism - Jewish Identity - Am I Jewish
George Bernard Shaw
[..one more time from the top..]
deviantART kylerader
Rap Dictionary
Lawrence Lessig
A Roar of Approaching Cataracts
Jon Reid's LiveJournal
EmmahSue's Journal
Jun's Journal
23 Jung- Man and His Symbols
Varieties of Lucid Dreaming Experience
Lycos Home Page
Swagatam malaviya.com
Matrix Essays
Meme Central - Memes, Memetics, and Mind Virus Resource
[ Metaspy ]
Silent Bob on Bennifer Bomb
An American in Japan, Making a Connection
‘These Additional Powers Are Not Necessary’
Media hunker down for Ben, J. Lo nuptials
SHAW The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies
Neil Gaiman
Google News
Largest selection of No Fear - West Coast Choppers and Orange County Choppers.
File-Sharing Battle Leaves Musicians Caught in Middle
1981 Jeep Scrambler Feature Vehicle
Project Gutenberg Titles by Shaw, George Bernard
OpinionJournal - from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
Vertical Hold -- by Patrick Berry
Penny Arcade!
Lockergnome Personals
Amarillo Slim Preston
World Series of Poker Champions - WSOP
The Rap Dictionary
Jersey Girl (2004) Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith
craigslist san diego online community
Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Weblog
Human evolution theory founded on female sexual selection and neoteny - a return to Darwin's roots and all three of this theories.
Seth's Blog
SF Bay Bloggers
Shirky Fame vs Fortune Micropayments and Free Content
Shirky A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Clay Shirky’s Internet Writings
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
Strange Loops - Main Page
Talking Points Memo by Joshua Micah Marshall
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
icon's blog Geocode your gear !
Technorati Web Services for bloggers.
Telegraph Arts Bertolucci's dream becomes a nightmare
A Conversation with Dean Kamen
The Register
The Weblog Review weblog and blog reviews
This Modern World
View Thoughts and Ideas
Thoughts and Ideas Home Page
Thudfactor Quantity over Quality.
The View Askewniverse
Stash Bash 2 - Welcome Back Jay
DNA Model Crossword Puzzle
Jon's Radio
Weblogger.com Easy to Use Content Management Hosting
Wekti.com - We put the foo in foobar
Main Page - Wikipedia
BCH5425 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Wired News Through the Solar Looking Glass
Wired 11.10 Extreme Makeover
World Trade Institute of Pace University
Philosophy Blog
deviantART xace
Slashdot License to Surf, Take Two

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