by phil on Monday Sep 8, 2003 7:06 PM

Hah,'s word of the day is defenestration. Such a long and silly word defenestration is. The defenestration of prague is the only situation I remember it being used. It means the throwing out of something. No wait, not just throw out, but to throw out of a window no less.

The Defenestration of Prague

In 1618, protestant burghers of Prague went to the HRADSHIN, overpowered the guards, grasped the royal representatives and threw them out of the window - the DEFENESTRATION OF PRAGUE. This was a coup d'etat, symbolizing the deposition of the Habsburg King. The Estates of Bohemia elected ptotestant Frederick Count Palatinate their new king, and thought the matter to be over. The king's representatives had survived the defenestration, for they had fallen into a stack of hay. They had reported the events in Vienna.

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