Draft Wesley Clark Video

by phil on Tuesday Sep 9, 2003 10:43 PM

Here is the link to a video that Wesley Clark made to his meetup.com fans. Now, I'm watching this and I can't tell how much of his charisma is what I'm putting into him or what he objectively has.

To be honest, in just watching him talk, he's more similar than dissimilar to everybody else out there. He hits some notes such as "you" and "greatness of this country" like any other politician. He speaks fluently (unlike Bush though) and is thoughtful. However, he has this drone-eye look and somewhat of a cue-card reading steelyness.

So, so far, I'm impressed only by his resume. I want to know how good this kid debates. Either way, let's throw him in the hat anyways, I think the Democrats need some help.

But seriously, why the hell am I looking at this anyways. I vote, sure, but man, as for meaningful contributions to society through government, there's probably more effective uses of my time, such as trying to get rid of intellectual property laws. So yeah... there's my confession that I use politics for entertainment... especially presidential politics.

I've also met very ppl who actually genuinely give a damn about making this country better. Even the feverent anti-war protestors I've met are just playing on underdog-biases, or succumbing to college-student memes, or are afraid of blood, and usually haven't formed their opinions well. Plus, they also preach to the choir, by protesting in SF...

Whatever, when I get into my ranting voice, I know I'm committing some logical fallacy here and there, so I'll stop. But you get my drift.

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