Fourth First Impression of Stanford

by phil on Thursday Sep 25, 2003 5:56 PM

I am back at school and am taking the following classes:
- Basic economics
- Engineering: Intro to optimization
- Abstract Math

In general, I don't like to use my blog for whining, but I had written this in an e-mail already so anyways... keep reading if you want to hear a Stanford-bash.

School seems pretty alright. The academics I enjoy but the "school" part I don't, i.e. the college culture. It's like a laundry machine.. and there's so many people, I feel so pressured to fit in or participate in all the social games. The girls go to the mall and buy nice clothes, the guys get horny, and soon you get a marriage that requires an expensive home, a job with long-hours, and kids. + with american divorce rates, it's a cycle that repeats two to four times. How efficient this American system is, no wonder we have the highest GDP. yeah, i know, it sounds bleak... that's why I quit in the first place, but since I only have a year left, my intuition tells me I best suck it up, focus on the academics, and finish it up. Then I can live my techno-hippie transcendence into the great beyond lifestyle that I've been envisioning

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