IE History: Friday

by phil on Saturday Sep 13, 2003 11:16 PM
IE History

Watching Vanilla Sky, the Waking Life, and some Radiohead videos color my journey through the Internet yesterday. Click below to see all the sites i visited yesterday. Stars Cash, Ritter Die
Aki's Blog
Aki's Blog Article on 101 accident I saw.... Books Art Forms in Nature Art Forms in Nature
Welcome! - The Apache Software Foundation
A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory
Wells, H.G. 1922. A Short History of the World
BBC - Press Office - Thom Yorke of Radiohead talks to BBC World Service
Betterhumans Create the Future (TM)
Fast Company Now
Cerulean Studios - Downloads
Craig Newmark's Blog - Chong gets 9 months for selling bongs - Sep. 11, 2003 - Misguided marijuana mission - Sep. 11, 2003
The Christian Science Monitor Daily Online Newspaper
Texas vote tests a new tactic to curb jury awards
A Changed World Daily Update
Trillian - - Free downloads, shareware, and more.
Thom Yorke of Radiohead The naked truth and the bottom line of Cancun - Business - NYSE Floor Traders Calling to Replace Grasso
green plastic store - radiohead merchandise
About Google
Google Press Center
Google Adds New Features to Search Toolbar
Google Search regex Apache 2.0 -List-Post
Google Search 301 moved permanently apache
Google Search albert schweitzer
Google Search cpan
Google Search radiohead eyes thom yorke
Google Search radiohead eyes tom yorke
Google Search radiohead go to sleep lyrics
Google Search regex
Google Search trappy shoes
Google Search trapy
Google Search trapy shoes
Google Search p2p united
Google Search
Google Search
Google Search
Google Search
Google Search 301 apache
Google Search 301 http error code
Google Search 301 mod_alias apache
Google Search 301 moved permanently apache
Google Search 301 regex apache
Google Search christian bale
Google Search cpan mail sendmail
Google Search download trillian
Google Search examination
Google Search guileless
Google Search javascript reload
Google Search lawrence lessig
Google Search mtinclude
Google Search mtrelativeurl
Google Search page moved apache
Google Search penelope cruz
Google Search ppm perl sendmail
Google Search previous month mtdate
Google Search psychology studies stanford
Google Search radiohead eyes
Google Search radiohead go to sleep lyircs
Google Search radiohead official
Google Search server side includes
Google Search server side includes apache
Google Search thom yorke biography
Google Search trappy
Google Search vanilla sky imdb
Google Search whois
Google Search wiley wiggins
Google Search year calendar movable type
Google Dance Tool
green plastic radiohead
Radiohead lyrics and song information
Slide Show
Steve's Resume
Apache Tutorial Introduction to Server Side Includes
Apache module mod_rewrite
mod_alias - Apache HTTP Server
core - Apache HTTP Server
Vanilla Sky (2001)
Google Dance - Googlebot Deepbot Everflux Freshbot Spider Bot
Iron Monkey
Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Hawaii
Lawrence Lessig
Using Perl on NT -
little. yellow. different.
craigslist los angeles online community
Albert Schweitzer Philosopher, Physician & Humanitarian
DREAMING AND AWAKENING Lucid Dreaming, Consciousness, and Dream Yoga
Moby Tour Diary
Yahoo! Movies Wiley Wiggins - Filmography
Yahoo! Movies Wiley Wiggins - Photos
Two GIs, nine others killed in Iraq
Technology & Science Front Page - Radiohead Radiohead A New Life
Radiohead Hail To The Thief - Paroles - Lyrics @
Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head.m3u
Coldplay - Parachutes.m3u
John Mayer - Room for Squares.m3u
Michael Jackson - In the Mix.m3u
Radiohead - Airbag.m3u
Radiohead - Amnesiac.m3u
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief.m3u
Radiohead - Kid A.m3u
Radiohead - OK Computer.m3u
Radiohead - Pablo Honey.m3u
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream.m3u
Stairsailor - Love is Here.m3u
Underworld - Dub No Bass With my Headman.m3u
The Strokes - Is This It.m3u
The White Stripes - De Stijl.m3u
Google News
MT Extensions MTRelativeURL 1.0 - calendar
I, Cringely The Pulpit
The Albert Schweitzer Page
Schweitzer's Struggle Article - Industry Group Pays Child's RIAA Fine
Penelope Cruz Red Page
Penelope Cruz Wallpaper A Chromosome at a Time with Perl, Part 1 [Sep. 11, 2003]
Philip Dhingra's Amazing Adventures
Plastic Alone In The Dark — Pondering The Existence Of Alien Civilizations
Plastic The Man In Black Passes On
Plastic Recycling The Web In Real Time
Public NewsRoom
ArchiveYear plugin for Movable Type
Thom Yorke Biography News Clark set to enter 2004 presidential race Technology Copying isn't cool Technology File sharing must be made legal
craigslist san diego online community
Slashdot H.R. 3057 To the Asteroids, Moon and Mars MailSendmail v. 0.79 - Simple platform independent mailer The CPAN Search Site
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
Slashdot Exposing Personal Information in the Whois Database
The Flip-Flops of Howard Dean - What he said then. What he says now. What happened. By William Saletan and Avi Zenilman
MSN Slate Magazine
Strange Loops - Main Page
Strange Loops - Blog
The Onion America's Finest News Source™
Tim Swanson
Cerulean Studios The Creators of Trillian and Trillian Pro IM Clients
HTTP-1.1 Status Code Definitions Andy Baio lives here
Land of the Dead, Wiley Wiggins
Wiley Wiggins' local page
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