Intellectual Property Myths Debunked Debunked

by phil on Friday Sep 12, 2003 7:05 AM
property rights

Well, I'm not debunking the debunking of intellectual property myths. I'm just checking myself.

I've more than once recently gotten into a discussion where I made the claim that intellectual property laws should be eliminated.

On a semi-objective level, I think it's worth a shot. The current legal system serves the all-mighty dollar-bill, and not its lapdog "talent".

But, I bet my search for arguments is biased by my personal dependence on free p2p tools. I have a 33GB mp3 collection that I would feel at a loss for not having. Likewise, I also have a 40GB divx collection. (But dammit, some of those DivX's are of DVDs I currently own! Playing DVDs on computers is always flaky, + the disc's are an annoyance)

Man, I read too much Slashdot and other self-folding group-jerk-off sessions on the Internet, where we all shake each others' hands with the same arguments, telling each other we're right, no-one questioning the bias or bad meme practices.

Who I should really be talking to are people who are on totally different ends of the spectrum. People who are uneducated, or religious people, or people from the Right, or old "stodgy" types, anybody that I'm always in contradistinction with. That is, if I want the Truth, and not myself.

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