Revenge of the Insects

by phil on Monday Sep 1, 2003 1:13 PM
Me Me Me

Karma is not just between humans but also between man and insect. Many a bug I have squashed, and furious their loved ones must be. Now, the commeuppance is due, and they have finally mounted a proper revenge. Upon my return back from San Diego, they came out in full force, and descended on me with insidious subtly. So much was the onslaught, that upon my slumber, I was plagued with itches and bites all over my body. I tried to flout then, but vainly superscillious I was. I'd tried to hold still, but irritation ensued. I finally got the muster to go to Safeway at 4:30am and pick up some itch cream. The bugs won that night, so I guess we're even now. Next time.

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