Skepticism to my early Singularity claims

by phil on Wednesday Sep 24, 2003 1:35 PM

Philosophistry frequenteur Mr. Strange Loops takes a skeptical view (for archives, look at entry on 9/22/03) at my claims on an early triumph on discovering the signals indicative that the Singularity is upon us.

I agree, I am quite the optimist when it comes to the Singularity. One must be careful. It's uncertain whether the trip toward the singularity will be in our benefit or benefit other entites, like viruses, corporations, and universities. Actually, it's almost certain that the Singularity will be a greater-than-human affair. Nevertheless, I hope through Philosophistry and others we can try to at least shape the course to the Singularity that it benefits the individual first. I'm unsure whether this is moral or not, but dammit, I am human, I want to be happy, forget these other superstructures--I have no personal attachment to them. i.e. I wouldn't sacrifice my life just so a religion can persist better or a cruel economic system can self-perpetuate.

As for Lucid Dreaming, I was skeptical about it until I started reading accounts by people. The amount of resolution and control they have in these dreams is ridiculously inspiring. I'm still having trouble initiating lucid dreams, but I am getting closer.

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