Sunday Stroll

by phil on Monday Sep 8, 2003 4:25 PM
IE History

Hey Kids! Here's all the sites I went to yesterday, try to guess what movies I watched yesterday. Rare Tape of WTC Attack Surfaces
Order of Randomness - Hyperlinks of a Blogged Mind
r e j d h i n g r a
Ann-Margret Official Web Site
Apple - iPod - Pods unite
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Reuters Latest Financial News - Full News Coverage
Reuters Photo
A Small Victory The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
@stake, Inc.
Gigli - The Filthy Critic
Terminator 3 - The Filthy Critic
Brad Choate Doing your whole site with MT
Coldplay Media Player
eBay item 2950234655 (Ends Sep-14-03 000658 PDT) - A MAGICAL box of WONDER!!!! - After three years of waiting, still no inheritance
Print Out
Philadelphia - New Ten Commandments suit dismissed - Sep. 5, 2003
Rousseau On the Origin of Inequality
Rousseau On the Origin of Inequality First Part
TVEyes-- always watching...
Contact Film Review by Larry Klaes
Time For Your Meds!
Google Dance
Dan's Data - PC hardware reviews and tutorials! - Come for the clean humor; stay for the filthy comments
Millennium by Hakim Bey - For and Against Interpretation
Design is Kinky
Google Directory - Computers Internet Searching Search Engines Google
30 days to a more accessible weblog [dive into mark]
DataRojahn AS
eBaum's World - Welcome to my personal collection of hilarious media. I’ve got funny movies, flash cartoons, funny pictures, funny videos, flash games, and more.
Arnold Schwartzenegger Sound Board
Eminem Soundboard - Flash
Full Metal Jacket Soundboard
Office Space Soundboard
Al Pacino Soundboards
Scarface (Al Pacino) Soundboard Celebrity Soundboards - Pranks - Online Games Flash Cartoons, Funny movies, funny pictures, Jokes, Prank phone calls and more
Vin Diesel Soundboard
European Baptist Federation
About EBF
EBPS bulletin2003-8
EBF Human Rights
EBF Memeber Unions
European Booksellers Federation
A young Mennonite
Safetype Keyboard Design - About Us
Fairvue Central Features Second Annual Weblog Awards
Fairvue Central Features Third Annual Weblog Awards
Drew Curtis'
Welcome to Home of
Fecund Matter
FHWA - 2003 Environmental Excellence Awards - Letter from Federal Highway Administrator
Zero-Force Ergonomic Keyboards by FingerWorks - Inventor and Developer of MultiTouch Technology
FingerWorks - Customer Feedback
FingerWorks TouchStream LP
FingerWorks - Product Overview
FingerWorks - TouchStream Products
Flash Kit Gallery Home
Flash Kit Links Home
Flash Kit Flash Sites
Flash Kit Flash Sites Cool
Flash Kit Flash Sites FLASHtyper
Flash Kit Flash Typer Home Comments Thingee (641990) Comments Thingee (641841)
Full Sail Real World Education
Full Sail - Real World Education
Slashdot Games - News for nerds, stuff that matters
Slashdot Kids Kill, Victim Sues Game Maker
Full Metal Jacket
Greed, Desire, and the Quest for the Holy Grail-bp - Canada's best source for news continuously updated from The Globe and Mail
Google Directory
Google Dance 2002
Google Groups
Google Image Search
Google Press Center Zeitgeist
Google Press Center Zeitgeist Archive
Google Search +how many liters in a litre
Google Search dostoevsky
Google Search duality of man jung
Google Search filthy critic
Google Search full metal jacket
Google Search google dance
Google Search it feels so good
Google Search melancholy
Google Search metaphysics
Google Search metaphysics whitehead
Google Search novelty theory
Google Search whitehead alfred
Google Search zero force keyboard
Google Search zeroforce keyboard
Google Search answer to life, the universe, and everything
Google Search faust
Google Search google dance monitor
Google Search a liberal is a conservative who's never been robbed
Google Search analyze full metal jacket
Google Search anarchism
Google Search ann margaret
Google Search assortive mating
Google Search answer to life, the universe, and everything divided by 10
Google Search best flash sites
Google Search BHG
Google Search charlie vietnam
Google Search coldplay
Google Search cult of the dead cow
Google Search curiosity
Google Search do it all
Google Search dostoyevsky
Google Search duality of man jungian
Google Search ebf
Google Search egypt
Google Search egypt 5 kv
Google Search filty critic
Google Search fecundity
Google Search girls on film
Google Search homeopathy
Google Search hot flash sites
Google Search how many liters in a litre
Google Search kadafi
Google Search kahk
Google Search kruschev
Google Search kv5
Google Search magic eye
Google Search memetics
Google Search n'sync where are they now
Google Search number of cubic meters in a litre
Google Search number of meters in a kilometer
Google Search number of meters in an ounce
Google Search pheromone
Google Search price
Google Search reality tv news
Google Search the answer to life
Google Search totally
Google Search touchstream lp zeroforce reviews
Google Search tubular
Google Search unpalatable
Google Search weblog awards
Google Search whitehead
The Google Dance (Google Weblog)
Google Dance Tool
Google Tools and Resources
Sharm el Sheikh Interactive Street Map
Interactive Red Sea Map of Egypt Travel Maps with Pictures
Guardian Unlimited
Full Metal Jacket Home Page
Full Metal Jacket Homework
Full Metal Jacket Outline
HOT or NOT -
Adaptive Enterprise
Hewlett-Packard Business Center - Online Classes
Games - Video Games - Online Games -
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Literature for Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Google Dance - Googlebot Deepbot Everflux Freshbot Spider Bot
The Ion Storm Forum Home
Archives - The #1 jewish singles, dating and matchmaking service, free personal ads
About The Ampersand Project
The Ampersand Project Current Project
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
ResourceGoogle Dance Tools
. i . n . t . e . r . b . e . i . n . g .
A Roar of Approaching Cataracts
The Time Wave and History
linkwrap --
little. yellow. different. - News - Naked Photographer Allegedly Makes Another Exposure
23 Jung- Man and His Symbols
Macromedia - Showcase
Macromedia - Site of the Day Archive
Welcome to Magic Eye Inc.
Magic Eye Image of the Week Answer, Hidden Image
Magic Eye Image of the Week Answer
Magic Eye Image of the Week
Magic Eye 3D Hidden Image
MIT OpenCourseWare OCW Newsletter Subscription
The Metaphysics Research Lab
Matrix Essays
Yahoo! Movies - Box Office and Buzz
Yahoo! Movies Stanley Kubrick - Biography
Yahoo! Movies Stanley Kubrick - Main Page
Yahoo! Movies Stanley Kubrick - Filmography
Yahoo! Movies Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Movie Info
Yahoo! Movies Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Awards & Nominations
Yahoo! Movies Fear and Desire (1999) - Movie Info
Bush to argue for patience on Iraq
Scarlett Fever
Netflix - Rent DVDs Online - Try Free
BBC NEWS Technology Google celebrates fifth birthday
CBBC Newsround TV FILM Star Wars fans seek film role for internet kid
Google News
A Rare View of 9-11, Overlooked
The Observer International Road map to peace in crisis as Palestinian leader quits
MIT OpenCourseWare Architecture
MIT OpenCourseWare Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT OpenCourseWare Linguistics and Philosophy 24.00 Problems of Philosophy, Fall 2001 Assignments
MIT OpenCourseWare Linguistics and Philosophy
MIT OpenCourseWare Mathematics 18.404J Theory of Computation, Fall 2002 Home
MIT OpenCourseWare Mathematics
MIT OpenCourseWare Mechanical Engineering
Omega Point Institute
Novelty Wave 2012 A Guide to Novelty Theory, 2012, & Easchatology -
Omega Point Journal A Publication of Futurism, Transhumanism, and Extropianism - News
Ophelia's Musings
assortive mating - Glossary of common terms
Pattern Research - Denver, Colorado
Gibbon, on Moslem Tolerance
Political Quotes
Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web
Evolutionary Epistemology
Meme fitness
Memes on the Net
Meme replication the memetic life-cycle
Memetic Selection Criteria
Structure of memes
Process Metaphysics
drip drop
Plastic Recycling The Web In Real Time
Plastic SciTech
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Alfred North Whitehead
Prophet's Manual - 2012 End of time - Fractal Space-Time
Reality News Online
RedNova News NASA Satellite Captures Hurricane Fabian
The latest works
ROTTEN TOMATOES Movie Reviews & Previews
Lost in Translation (2003) Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi, Sofia Coppola
Terminator 2 Judgment Day (1991) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, James Cameron
Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines (2003) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kristanna Loken, Nick Stahl, Jonathan Mostow
The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne, Larry Wachowski, Andy Wachowski
California Insider - Forget MEChA--how about bilingual ed
Ergonomic Keyboard from SafeType for improved comfort with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Slashdot 14 Years Later, Cold Fusion Still Gets The Cold Shoulder
SWF Desktop - Create supercharged wallpaper from Flash
Seth's Blog
Cold fusion gets cold shoulder from many scientists
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
karlandtanya - Slashdot User
Slashdot The Innovators' Ball
Slashdot Star Wars Kid & Episode III
RIAA Parses 'P2P' As 'Peer 2 Porn'
MSN Slate Magazine
Silent Success - Why tech pundits don't talk about XM Satellite Radio. By Brendan I. Koerner
If Only It Could Find Your Keys - With this gadget, you'll never forget where you parked. By Paul Boutin
No New Senators - Don't let Washington, D.C., muck up another baseball team. By Charles P. Pierce
Can Arnold Shake Bunda - Plus Bodybuilders' leads are no bigger than anyone else's! By Mickey Kaus
Zeitgeist Surfing - In 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger thought of himself as a swinger. In 2003 he thinks of himself as governor. By Michael Kinsley
Say, Didn't You Used To Be on TV - David Spade washes up in Dickie Roberts. By David Edelstein
Too Legit To Quit By Emily Biuso [Home] - Your Daily Source for the BEST Deals on the Net!
Zenkey foal a hybrid star -
Actor arrested between acts -
Spaceflight Now Breaking News NASA opens new chapter in supersonic flight
Yahoo! News - 1 in 10 Female Army Recruits Has Chlamydia - news
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
Theban Mapping Project Screenshot of project WinXP
Thief III
ThinkGeek TouchStream LP ZeroForce Keyboard
ThinkGeek TouchStream LP ZeroForce Keyboard Zoom!
Excerpts from The Memetic Mind Natural Selection in Mental Software.
Thought contagion theory begins by inverting the age-old question of how people acquire beliefs, focusing instead on how beliefs acquire people
Evolutionary Contagion in Mental Software
Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
DOJ U.S. Department of Justice Home Page
Voodoo Extreme
Jean Jacques Rousseau Association Andy Baio lives here Daily Log Harv Was There Games Idea
Metaphysics Multiple Meanings
Welcome to HP
Meaning of life - Wikipedia
The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything - Wikipedia
Wired News Ecstasy Study Botched, Retracted
Whitehead Amped 2 Games Home
Slashdot RIAA Parses 'P2P' As 'Peer 2 Porn'
Story What Microsoft should do with all that cash - ZDNet

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