The Mixing Bowl that is my Race

by phil on Wednesday Sep 10, 2003 10:25 AM
Me Me Me

I got into a discussion with Peter about races. He was trying to pin down one thing that he was. Here is my response as to what I am. Yes, it looks like today is personal-laundry day

i don't have behaviors typical of one race
but of a combination
a good chunk of me is pragmatic american
another piece of me is nihilistic/confused french european (Peter suggested that Nietzsche is the father of nihilism)
then a big part is philipino-male passive-aggressive
then another part is chinese-indian (from india) expediency.

Which makes sense. Genetically, I'm half indian, 3-eighths philipino, and 1-eighth chinese. Born in the US so raised with American values. Somehow I haven't been able to transcend the weak-male characteristics of the philipino males (it's a matriarchal society there). But I do seek A's and am a perfectionist like every other Indian and Chinese I see in school (and if you're Chinese and Indian and aren't like that, then I'm not referring to you--please get off my back about racial stereotypes). Yet, in the end, I identify with the philosophies of Existentialism and seek purity and mechanical consistenty like western, continental philosophers do.

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