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by phil on Friday Sep 12, 2003 12:36 PM
IE History

Life is but a dream, within a dream, within a blog. Jesus, I get the feeling ppl are now IMing me random shit knowing it's going to manifest into some fractal of a surf trail on my IE Histories. Anyways, yesterday's stroll through the Internet is available below.

Dell - Small Business Software & Peripherals Home Page
Dell - Software & Peripherals for Home and Home Office
All Music Guide Heavier Things
All Music Guide Singles 93-03
All Music Guide Underworld Web results for philosophistry
AlterNet Top Stories Books MY SECRET GARDEN Books The Light of Other Days Excerpt from MY SECRET GARDEN MY SECRET GARDEN
Advanced Micro Devices, AMD - Homepage
Anomalies Network - Time Traveler
Slashdot Apache Wins Webby
Slashdot Apple - News for nerds, stuff that matters
Slashdot Beatles Bite Apple
The Past and Present Future of Science Fiction The Matrix
Slashdot Open Source Database Clusters
AVSLounge - The Future of Google
Shaw, Bernard. 1916. Pygmalion
Bignosebird's APACHE Server Reference and Tutorials
Enabling Server Side Includes on Your APACHE Server
Understanding the INCLUDE directive in Server Side Include pages
George Orwell You and the Atom Bomb
BlogRolling - Members Home
BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology, Math, English Animation and Educational Site for Kids.
Colophon - Brainstorms and Raves
The 1965 Matrix Lincoln
Comics Sherpa featuring C'est la Vie
Dell - Small Business Center Home Page
Google Directory - Computers Software Databases MySQL
Existentialism Philosophy 'Making The Band 2'
Whitespace problems with HTMLTableExtract or my REGEXP code
[website-critique] Personalized Results Exploring The Future Of Google
Slashdot Games - News for nerds, stuff that matters
Google Search future of google
Google Search future of google stanford
Google Search my secret garden excerpt
Google Search relative links movable type
Google Search relative URL absolute movable type
Google Search shtml include
Google Search storage law hard drive
Google Search whitespace
Google Search cpan
Google Search apache shtml
Google Search bad plugin filename movable type
Google Search bernard shaw
Google Search colophon
Google Search demagogue
Google Search dialectic
Google Search existentialism blog
Google Search get rich quick
Google Search insidiuous
Google Search installing movable type plug-ins
Google Search kaltix
Google Search kobe tai
Google Search making the band 2
Google Search moby
Google Search money tree.
Google Search money tree monkey
Google Search my secret garden exceprt
Google Search mysql
Google Search platinum
Google Search platinum club
Google Search Pygmalion
Google Search reality news online
Google Search relative URL absolute movable type
Google Search semiotics
Google Search shtml syntax
Google Search storage law
Google Search webby awards
Google Search whitespace d
Google Search whitespace regexp
Google Search YMMV
Greenpeace International Homepage
Make Money Online,Earn Money at Home Business and Work.
Steve's Resume
Nintendo 64
Imperial Sugar Company
Intel Corporation - Welcome to
Intel Corporation - Home Computing Intel� Pentium� 4 Processor
Intel Corporation - Home Computing Coming Soon
KARMALOOP.COM cool clothes, urban clothing, fashion clothing
George Bernard Shaw
Kobe Tai, Official Porn Star, Adult Films, Hardcore Asian Sex Goddess
Landover Baptist Where the Worthwhile Worship. Unsaved Unwelcome.
William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
A Roar of Approaching Cataracts
Matrix Essays
Mental HealthPrintable Paper Version
Moby Tour Diary
Moby Tour Diary Updates
mtinstall - Installing Movable Type Documentation
Tim Swanson Discussion on Duping Is Only Done On Diablo
MSNBC Remembering 9-11
Is Madonna converting Britney Spears to Kabbalah
Scoring the second debate
Rivals upbraid Dean on race remark
Physicist puts string theory on television
�Bennifer� build publicity perfect storm
Technology & Science Front Page - Da Band
Kylie Minogue - Fever.m3u
Madonna - Ray of Light.m3u
Michael Jackson - In the Mix.m3u
Nirvana - Unplugged.m3u
Placebo - Placebo.m3u
Radiohead - Amnesiac.m3u
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief.m3u
Radiohead - Kid A.m3u
Radiohead - OK Computer.m3u
Radiohead - The Bends.m3u
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream.m3u
Kruder Dorfmeister - K&D Sessions.m3u
Moby - Play.m3u
Olive - You're Not Alone.m3u
Underworld - Dub No Bass With my Headman.m3u
MySQL The World's Most Popular Open Source Database
Nancy Friday - Book My Secret Garden
Searching for the personal touch CNET
Google News
Game Boy
Game Boy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Price Watch � - Street Price Search Engine
Making the Band 2
PlayStation 2
Public Files -
The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - a load of stuff by Joel Veitch that will probably crush your will to live
Reality News Online - Your Regex Information Web Site
Regex Tutorial - Start and End of String or Line Anchors
Poolking's Fun Factory - Making the band 2
Search Engine Showdown News Google Future Plans
Google Goes Forward
Human evolution theory founded on female sexual selection and neoteny - the origins of autism - a return to Darwin's roots and all three of this theories.
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
Journal of Otter (3800)
Slashdot Linux Most Attacked Server
Slashdot VeriSign Looks At Earning Money on Domain Typos
Slashdot Verisign Sending Deceptive Domain Renewal Mail
MSN Slate Magazine
A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 1 - Should you be scared of the Patriot Act By Dahlia�Lithwick�and Julia�Turner
What You Think You Know About Sept. 11 � - �� but don't. By David�Plotz
A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 2 - Should you be scared of the Patriot Act By Dahlia�Lithwick�and Julia�Turner
A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 3 - Should you be scared of the Patriot Act By Dahlia�Lithwick�and Julia�Turner
87 Billion Apologies - Take your money, Mr. President, but at least say you're sorry. By Michael�Kinsley
Yahoo! News - Apple sued by The Beatles over iPod, ITMS
The Onion America's Finest News Source�
Tim Swanson The Parlor
Tim Swanson Google Archives
Making the Band 2 - TV Tome
Underworld - The Official Site
Hussein Link to 9-11 Lingers in Many Minds (
Clark Stays Noncommittal on White House Run (
The Webby Awards 2003 Winners
Silicon Valley - Dan Gillmor's eJournal - Google Buys Pyra Blogging Goes Big-Time
The Future of Google AdSense
Witty Tirade -- It's not about how right you are; it's about how witty you are.
Welcome to WorkingForChange
United States Code
Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.)

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