Trifecta of Mindjobs

by phil on Friday Sep 12, 2003 8:23 PM
Me Me Me

[20:17] PhilDhingr: man
[20:18] PhilDhingr: first like my mind was blown twice today... 1st cuz I got into this argument kinda with my old boss... and 2nd cuz I started to panic about future plans... but the 3rd mind fuck was I was @ starbucks, trying to unwind right...
[20:18] PhilDhingr: and like, the whole world descended on that very spot
[20:18] PhilDhingr: 1st like all the hottest high schoolers were milling in and out
[20:18] PhilDhingr: then this law student babe sits next to me, real close to me, playing w/ her laptop
[20:19] PhilDhingr: and then these two other guys, also in close proximity, start going back and forth about the singularity and shit
[20:19] PhilDhingr: all the while I was on a sugar high
[20:20] PhilDhingr: I just started going nuts... I was too nervous and distraught to say anything already... I kinda just wanted to sit there and scribble... but I was like caught in the cross-fires of major energy... aahk
[20:20] PhilDhingr: I just went roller blading to squeeze out the manic steam...

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