Vanilla Skyism

by phil on Tuesday Sep 9, 2003 2:48 PM
Vanilla Sky

One of my favorite parts of Vanilla Sky is when Kurt Russell makes a desparate monologue @ the end:

I'm real
I'm ...
I'm ...
this canNOT be the FUTURE!
... can it?

And not surprisingly, Kurzweil rated this movie and The Waking Life as the best movies of the millenium (so far). Yes, I now have both of these on DivX.

Don't forget to Lucid Dream tonight. I'm still working on dream recall. I've been getting discouraged lately. My dreams have all been kinda blurry, non-vivid, and when I wake up I forget them. I don't forget them completely, fortunately, but rather retain the awareness that I did have a dream and that I did go through some interesting stuff.

So, I have a few things I want to try that are in the FAQ on that site. The main one I'm focusing on is getting into the habit of focusing on my most recent dream as soon as I awaken. This will get me into the habit of keeping my "memoryerasers" at bay.

As of right now, unfortunately, I wake up and full of thoughts about worries. After a few minutes, THEN I remember that I had a dream, and that I'm supposed to recall it..

...the lucidity experts suggest staying in the same spot upon awakening and rewinding through the events of your recent dream in order to cement them in your head... also to write them down... I get tired of writing them down though, I find that just focusing on them and replaying it during the waking life is good enough to get me going...

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