ATTN: Matrix Fans--Do not watch the Revolutions Trailer

by phil on Thursday Oct 2, 2003 6:45 PM

You may have already seen the first trailer for Revolutions that they showed at the end of Reloaded... the general consensus was that the trailer was boring and maybe it seemed like Revolutions would just be the left-overs.

The new trailer, on the other hand, is amazing; when I saw it, I was as mesmerized and blown away as when I saw the final Reloaded trailer. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of the mystery and suspense out of Revolutions. However, if I hadn't seen the trailer, I wouldn't have known there was going to be any mystery and suspense worth preserving in Revolutions.

With that in mind, you may want to skip watching the trailer if you want a heightened Revolutions-viewing experience.

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