Dare to be Ugly

by phil on Friday Oct 31, 2003 11:46 AM

Art has reached an impasse for sure. Or rather, art that has ever been selected for a gallery or a museum has a natural ability to deliver nausea. Maybe it's because I'm such a carnivore of aesthetics, but there is such a thing as too much harmony. Nature provides the most visual symphonic harmony, and artists by the laws of color matching attempt to imitate. But with the Singularity coming up, it's time for humans to stop congratulating themselves for how well they can mirror, imitate, or represent the *.* experience.

Anyways, this all relates somehow to the design of Philosophistry. I feel like I'm at a passion-impasse. Everybody likes the current design for obvious reasons. This is making me nervous because I can also simultaneously feel that it's not doing too much for me as well.

So, in honor of Che and my newfound (sarcastic) interest in "Rage against the machine" there'll be a new, braver design for Philosophistry coming up that will risk being as ugly as possible. I might also make it an ode to .PNG and CSS. Cheers!

Maybe 2012 is not too optimistic

UPDATE: On second thought...

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