Explanation of Blogfabric colors

by phil on Monday Oct 20, 2003 12:57 AM

What do the colors in the blogfabric mean?

First open up the color table. These are the 200 some odd html color names which can correspond to actual hex codes in HTML (betcha didn't know there were so many of them).

Anyways, while color selection is more of an Ouiji-board-like process there is method behind the madness.

Depth of Hues
Deeper hues mean that I am under a higher-intensity of emotion. Lighter hues mean that I am more relaxed and meditative. For example, if I posted something with "lavenderblush" in the Reds column, that would mean I'm fairly passive at that moment. versus "orangered" indicating I'm fired up, charged, ready to go.

These are what each of the color classes mean...

Calm, reflective, pensive, contemplative, confident, passively destructive (like a flood), smooth, inert, empty, quiet.

Progressive, growing, optimistic, expansive, instructive, bursty, aware, understanding

Cantankerous, aggressive, condemning, actively destructive, charged, forward-moving, sermonizing, alerting, desperate, attracting.

Hot, post-destructive, excess, positive energy, reaching beyond optimism, masochism, burning

Soft, edgy, reluctant, cautious, compassionate, inclusive, other-oriented, sacrificial

Depressed, stuck, empty, callous, bored, wistful, dark, deep, struck, disabled

Combinations and variations of the above themes lead me to pick the specific color I want. To interpret the meaning of the threads and the blogfabric, look both at the length and the surrounding threads. Half of each thread's meaning comes from its context and shape. i.e. a short azure post following a longer mediumslateblue post would indicate a calm coda or wrap-up of a previous wash.


As an artist, I enjoy learning new color names and also seeing a rich, visual representation of my personal evolution.

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