Jurvetson Video on Nanotech and Anecdotes on Systems-Theory re: business

by phil on Thursday Oct 23, 2003 11:44 PM
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When it comes to business, Steve Jurvetson has continuously been a source for inspiration for me. He's young, thrice graduated from Stanford, blazingly rich, and articulate. But these kind of "golden" guys are a dime a dozen it seems, especially with all the dot-com gazillionaires.... What distinguishes him is how clairvoyant he seems with his understanding about everything... he has smarts in a Buckminster Fuller sense.

His two most recent filmed visits to Stanford, while not telling me things in specific new, summarized and synthesized everything into a coherent vision for the business-technology future. Watch his most recent archived lecture here. Consider it an executive summary for Age of Spiritual Machines. At the very least you'll get high by the speed at which he talks.

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