Keys to the brain

by phil on Saturday Oct 18, 2003 8:44 PM

My mom told me that she had a vision of her punching in some numbers right before sleeping. To her, this vision revealed the actual method by which sleep is invoked.

While I doubt there is an actual punching in of the numbers, I think what she is saying is interesting. Is there a certain pattern or combination of thoughts/concepts one can meditate on that will directly invoke an anatomical process. By imagining something red, then thinking about "infinity", then doing some simple addition, will your neurons light up in a specific arrangement that flips mental switches?

The brain is a chemical machine and by the 6 degrees of separation principle, every neuron shouldn't be more than a few hops away from every other one. Conceivably, one could manual bootstrap processes by active thinking. Unfortunately, we don't have the manual.

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