Metacognitive Terrorism

by phil on Thursday Oct 30, 2003 1:55 AM
Me Me Me

If the mind is a road COMMA then most people have medians and painted lines to keep them from losing their way PERIOD

I COMMA on the other hand COMMA seem to have no such defenses SEMI-COLON no walls and blockades to keep me from the gutter PERIOD

If the mind is like water COMMA then the usual amount of thinking I do in a day is like a raging avalanche PERIOD

One of the biggest floods for me are these metacognitive infinite loops PERIOD I get lost thinking about thinking about thinking PERIOD START-QUOTES to control, or not to control QUESTION-MARK Can I even ask that question QUESTION-MARK Should I QUESTION-MARK Where does my action come from QUESTION-MARK END-QUOTES And then I get stuck COMMA like a car in the mud PERIOD

But fortunately COMMA there is time DASH DASH and time DOES cure everything OPEN-PARENTHESIS as does laughter CLOSED-PARENTHESIS

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