Nietzsche and Blogging Synchronicity

by phil on Sunday Oct 5, 2003 9:48 PM
Nietzsche, blogging, synchrony

Yesterday, The Other Philip, Mr. Greenspun, tries to answer the question "what is the point of blogging" and mentions Nietzsche, Everyone can write like Nietzsche or a Marcus Aurelius, even if few people ever come up with enough clever small ideas to fill a 200-page book. This was just a few days after I made a similar inuendo How can these stodgy professors compete who only know continental philosophy with a specialty in Hume and Nietzsche when the blogosphere is churning out mini-Nietzsches everyday? (link)


I've been noticing a lot of synchronicities lately. Is there any way to measure the amount of sychronicities going on in the world or determine whether sychronicity as a whole is rising. Given the thin degrees of separation concept, it shouldn't be surprising that things are as synchronous as they are. I wonder also whether there has been a dramatic increase in the frequency of synchronicities given the explosive distribution of content via the Internet and Blogging.


Nietzsche was definitely one of the greatest bloggers ever. Just take a look at The Gay Science. Every entry is novel and relevant. The tone and content is personal, but with good artistic reasons. Wit is the norm here. I also like Nietzsche in general, because I feel like he embraces the philosophy v. sophistry issue well, by not operating under the illusion that he is certain about everything and forgoing a stodgy tone in order to convey his message.

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