Philler: un-fully baked ideas

by phil on Tuesday Oct 14, 2003 5:23 PM

Here is the equivalent of a "slashback" i.e. a summary of cool sites I've visited recently and some ideas that I have yet to flesh out. These entries are intentionally short and confusing.


+ Information overload, we need to categorize the pounding different kinds of info do, i.e. basic Kobe news v. discovering the cure to unhappiness. I stop using RSS because it was too much.


+ Tech leaders and the power of default preferences. Napster won because "close" meant minimize and mp3s were shared by default. Movable Type and Blogger have opportunity to tranform the world. Ripple, millions, multiplicity

+ Technology not an agent of anti-socialization. Human emotion is static, we manipulate the tools for our benefit. i.e. I socialize as much now--and with as many different ppl--as I would have 100 years ago, the dimension and locations have just changed.


+ Forum on Google adSense

+ Ad glut on Billboard - get this: 2 banner ads, 2 skyscraper ads, 2 text-based ads, and get this 2 flash ads! (one had sound even). Oh and no pop-ups. I'm surprised they didn't try to MSN spam me.

Happenings / Personal Laundry

+ I saw a man lying face flat on the grass fully clothed with long-pants (it's 80 degrees outside) and it was by our math building. Can we say stressed out maybe?

+ I walked across campus from class to class without the shoes on. I became intimate and aware with the campus in a different way. Texture under feet. We put too many walls between us and reality, so why should we care when we discover the unreal

+ Don't work too hard in high school or for any goal. The rewards you get create an expectation for the same level of labor that is hard to escape. i.e. don't do a, "I'm going to work hard for the next 3 years, make a million and then retire." A case for "live in the moment."

Ideas/Voodoo Schmoodoo

+ Drugs change your ontology

+ If you had a perfect sketch of your personality and could take medication to change certain features without affecting others, and you knew that those changes would make you happier, would you do it?

I chose darkmagenta for this post because I don't know whether I'm about to shift into the clear blue, get hit with a nice rush in the red, or land in a depressed state in the dark-brown/black.

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