This blog sucks

by phil on Friday Oct 3, 2003 4:16 PM

Man, I've been running this blog now, 6 months, 800+ posts, and still barely any traffic, not barely any, but like still. Anyways.... I feel that what I write is important and significant, but I'm reading the book Linked, and I'm understanding that there's just so much to compete with. If I had put up this site 3 years ago, it'd be the big portal for enlightenment, but now I'm competing with every other smart crafty writer on the planet. And while I've developed significantly in the complexity and depth of my thinking since I started, so has the rest of the world, and possibly at a faster rate.

Now this is not a woe-is-me post necessarily. I want to emphasize how amazing it is how much this exploding network expansion of the Internet is putting so much competitive pressure on novel ideas and writing. How can these stodgy professors compete who only know continental philosophy with a specialty in Hume and Nietzsche when the blogosphere is churning out mini-Nietzsche's everyday?

If 2012 is supposed to be the end of novelty, I'm not surprised. Nothing is funny anymore, it's just a retorquing of previous material and structure. You can't get any more modern that post-modern. There is only a cycling between fashions and fads, but nothing novel.

Once the network becomes completely aware of network complexity, there will then be the recursion issues of a system aware of itself acting on itself on that information, but I bet that'll be studied rapidly in-depth once everybody stomachs network theory.

Like I remember in 1998, 1999, Complexity theory and the stuff they were working on at the Santa Fe Institute with regards to the law of accelerating returns was like the holy grail, now it's like nothing, just read Linked and Age of Spiritual machines, bam, comprehension realized.

Anyways, I guess this in a defeatist post in that I should give up on trying to be significant or make an impact, and instead just chill, and focus on whatever drives my moment2moment passions, like art, like randomly saying on this Blog that indians are naturally competitive and I walked through campus without my shoes on. That's all I can do really. Sugar works too.

hmm, smells like nihilism up in here. bottle rocket, wildcat, wooh

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