When Natural Laws break down

by phil on Wednesday Oct 1, 2003 1:40 PM
systems, breaking natural

The Singularity will be the characterized by the break down of natural laws. Already we have started to see certain laws break down, such as the "rich get richer" law... this has been obtained, by blah blah blah blah.

The interesting thing, blah blah blah, when we are simultaneously aware of the natural laws and then consciously transgressing them, what new laws will be created? Will they be the laws of humanism? Would this situation then make... if laws break down would old saws, like "oh, there is no such thing as Utopia" disappear?

I'm torn between being optimistic and pessimistic about the Singularity.

My intution, this is what it says..

it goes, look, ppl have been claiming forever that the world is going to end and it will either disappear into deathness or it'll become this flowery heaven-woo-hah. So in other words, the world is probably just going to be boring, the singularity will be just like suburbia, cleaner, but still just as annoying/fulfilling.

ON THE OTHER hand, part of me goes, look, so many ppl have been resting on old saws and old wisdom, and lately, they've just been duped over and over again. I know the stock market went down lately, but if you look at the graph over the past 100 years, you see a really big spike in these last 10. In other words, your old wisdom is whack.


i guess in the end, we don't know, but I think that the only reason that Utopia's couldn't exist is because they aren't natural... but when we destroy the natural with our conscious understanding of complex systems and whatever, maybe we could make Heaven after all.

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