A Chat with the Global Destiny Nymphs

by phil on Friday Nov 21, 2003 12:15 PM

What narratives haven't been explored?

In our search to kill boredom and quench our search for novelty, we have killed novelty

One day, we will narrow the whole thing down to a few basic metaphors, a few universal truths on a tablet

I can't say we should willfully slow down

but I don't wholly reject the unabomber and the neo-luddites

Matrix:Revolutions, before it was edited for hollywood I'm sure had some sort of import on this issue

Maybe we can find some sort of beauty and solace in recursive revolutions

DNA created our brain

Google is a bigger brain

Blogs are just brains. And what are brains but filters from the many to the one with a semi-optimal method and algorithsm

memory expansion, rehashing, and distributing.

layers upon layers that continue to link back up to themself

so relating that back to the self

I've been on this self-improvement crusade, to be able to change myself, to become the specific ... dah

but you have to change, you have to grow, you can't willfully say, I don't want progress

in a way, we're designed to kill ourselves. Every step forward is another step back

we're killing the planet

but only as a way of feeding a newer planet

that of human society and virtualization.

so there is a revolutions of suicide ontop of suicide

but, they did throw in love in Matrix:Revolutions

and love is important, because it grips you irrationally, and is a pure hot emotion.

sure, it's a mixed bag, and it's not love itself that matters

but pure passion..

as much as we abstract ourselves away from our natural selves into the artifical simulacra

we shouldn't forget the orginal heart where all of that was motivated in the first place

but even by saying this in the first place, it's already doing this.

is there such thing as a willful irrationality?

eh, actually I'm sure there is

I don't have to think, to analyze, to progress.

I can stand back, throw myself into eddies with a total lack of reck.

nihilism? whoops, did somebody say that taboo word?

or maybe, whining about this stuff on a blog is the key to softening the blow... cuz after this, it's off to do my homework, eat, chat, and sleep

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