BlogRewinding Spinning a-ROUND!

by phil on Friday Nov 7, 2003 12:12 PM

What if I died in the real world, but somebody took my existing blog, and then just rewinded it... you know, put it on loop from the beginning, and take entries from one year ago and post them as new.... for ppl who didn't know who I was or had never been to my blog before, they'd certainly get the impression I was still alive and doing something.

We already have ghosts right now in the form of newsgroup posts that don't get lost, e-mail addresses that keep getting spammed to even after they're gone, google caches, and internet archives...

Hell, records of my existence in the real world would probably get lost 100 years from now, but I know that on the web, if you google my name today and then google it 1000 years from now, I'd still be around.

(NB: you could delete all time-sensitive posts, like one's related to news articles. On Philosophistry, 50% of the posts could be recycled regardless of time)

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