iRRational, Runaway Reasoning

by phil on Monday Nov 24, 2003 5:37 PM


Sarte said something like being constantly threatened by the instant.

is this what it feels like?

Here's what my runaway analysis is nagging me about:
- There is no outer "should" or "need"
- We shouldn't necessarily be "happy"
- New Information isn't necessarily better
- This runaway analysis isn't necessarily better either
- Your system is at risk of deleting itself, however this is irrelevant

What's budding here is the notion of pure arbitrarge, the idea that there is no ultra compelling reason for anything. Even having a un-compelling irrationality is also as well, not necessarily good, but we're just talking a bout this "truth"
and even this "truth" is whack as well.

it's all whack huh?

Think about that.


what should I call it.

it's pure uncertaintiy.

even this, true.

the Truth scares me.

This to me was what Sartre was saying was the constantly being threatened by the instant.


Bj said on December 2, 2003 10:08 AM:

Yeah, I think you are experiencing nihilism which Sartre's existentialism seeks to escape from.

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