Manual Booting

by phil on Wednesday Nov 5, 2003 12:06 PM

I'll leave this in draft form....

We are now operating on the big picture, not on the small picture. Instead of I'm hungry, lemme get food, it's a plan, we have our whole dietary picture.

Business has largley and still is a game or an art, there is no science to it, you can't predict whether people will buy your products nor antitpate what the interaction between you business and the economy will be... but with the brigtening up and closing of the earth, we have a better vision of everything, better maps, and can make better predictions, no longer can we just walk in the dark... marxism and the like are dead, like, what is the dialectic of dialectism, a straight line rather than a back-and-forth, which gives us more control, more control means shorter time periods to delivery.. means faster pace to singularity...?

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